Metallurgical Testing

At Base Met Labs, we have the equipment and the people required to complete your metallurgical project. From scoping studies, through to definitive feasibility studies, Base Met Labs will work with you and your team to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

Sample Preparation

Correct metallurgical testwork programs all begin with Sample Preparation. At Base Met Labs, your samples will be received via a full sample inventory receipt with photos, if required. Our laboratory is equipped to handle samples from as little as a few grams to several tonnes.
Base Met Labs also has a dedicated core tray layout area where project team members are able to visually inspect the core at the lab.

Comminution Hardness Testing

At Base Met Labs we currently offer Bond Ball Mill Work Index determination testing and drop weight testing services (SMC, JK DWT and integrated tests). We can also work with other sub-contractors to provide ancilliary comminution testing requirements such as SPI Testing.

Gravity Separation

As an option during flowsheet development, Base Met Labs can offer gravity separation testing and evaluation utilising a Knelson Gravity Concentrator.


Base Met Labs has extensive experience in flotation, from one product flotation projects through to difficult and complex three and four product flotation projects. We are capable of: Rougher kinetics, Regrinding, Cleaner kinetics, Batch Cleaner Tests, Locked cycle testing.
If additional mass is required for further downstream testing, such as leaching or for environmental testing, we can also do bulk flotation tests

Leaching-cyanidation and acid

We have the required equipment to perform leach testing, whether it be cyanidation leaching of gold and silver ores or acid leaching of copper oxide ores. We also are able to test the various different parameters of the leach circuit, such as duration, cyanide concentration, pH and dissolved oxygen levels. Ancillary to the leach testing we can also conduct carbon adsorption studies and cyanide detox tests.

Solid/liquid separation

Base Met Labs offers static tube settling rate tests for initial thickener design and sizing. Flocculant screening tests are conducted to select which flocculant is most suited for your ore type.